Forest Animal Detection and Alerting System


  • Karthik M. christ university



The Internet of Things (IoT) is a physical thing with an ecological connection that is reachable online. IoT is used in many different ways, including smart agriculture, smart healthcare, smart retail, smart homes, smart cities, energy commitment, poultry and farming, smart water management, and other contemporary purposes. In the agricultural industry, man-animal conflict poses a serious problem where a huge amount of resources are lost and human life is put in danger. Due to this, farmers lose their crops, livestock, property, and even their lives. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly monitor this area to prevent the introduction of wild animals. This initiative offered a framework to monitor the situation in this regard. This is done by locating the invader in the area of the field by using a sensor, a camera
will then identify the animal, and a text message will be delivered to the farmer through GSM.

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