Introspection on the Research Avenues of Robotic Process Automation as a Service (RPAaaS)


  • Yashwanth Balan Christ University



Cloud, Cloud RPA, Load Balancing, AI Based Load Balancing


One of the newest business and technology developments is cloud computing, where several users approach the Cloud to complete various tasks. Cloud RPA is a technology that uses robotic process automation on Cloud-native using artificial intelligence. RPA-as-a-service: an automation software or bot that any user with an internet connection can use in the Cloud. It is an automaton self-service in cloud drag-and- drop actions and different GUI as a user-friendly software service. Cloud RPA ensures users automate any process via the Internet on the Cloud and can access it in their browser. RPA enables an intelligent agent to replicate typical manual decisions, such as rule based, well-structured ones involving vast amounts of data in a digital system, and eliminate operational errors. 


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