E-pharmacy, pharmacy laws, Medicine, Logistics, Awareness


  • Maheswari K Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore




e-pharmacy, pharmacy laws, medicine, logistics, awareness


                Abstract: E-Pharmacy is one of the essential services that can bring out transparency and ease of buying medicines to the customers. Though the application of internet in the areas of healthcare is intensifying and the online pharmacies serve a good cause, it has not been used as extensively in India. In this study we have focused in detail about the reasons why online pharmacy is not used - from a sample size of 100 respondents and have found that it was because of the high risk of misuse of drugs especially where there are no governing online pharmacy laws, lack of awareness and poor logistics, we have also analysed the other challenges that are faced by the society while using the existing e-pharm apps. Based on our constructs from the inferential and descriptive analysis, which was validated with a sample size of 100, we have put forth a set of suggestions that can make significant improvements in the e-pharmacy sectors and boost its usage.



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