Empirical Analysis And Perception of Health Disparities in Rural People with Special Reference to Anaikatti Village Coimbatore


  • G. Maria Priscilla Bharathiar university
  • M. Hemalatha
  • C. Deepa




Rural Women, Anaikattai Village, Women's Health, Rural Sanitation, Rural Healthcare


The goal of the present research is to comprehend the existing state of health among residents of Anaikatti village in the Coimbatore district. The most prevalent diseases and signs of health problems have been covered. The public' perceptions of health concerns and their causes are also examined. The study takes a qualitative method. The research is based on real- time data gathered from a poll of Anaikatti Village inhabitants.  To analyse primary data, statistical techniques such as percentage analysis, descriptive statistics, and ANOVA are applied. The findings show that some areas of the neighbourhood have inadequate drinking water and sanitary care. Legislators and health-care practitioners, with the help of non-governmental organisations, must take adequate actions to ensure safe drinking water and sanitary facilities. Frequent health camps, free distribution of medications for common symptoms, actions to increase the nutritional content of food consumed and frequent doctor visits may improve overall health. 


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