A Study on Land Use Change and Water Quality in the Wetland of Kuttanad Region, Southern India


  • Higgins Robert University of Kerala
  • Dhanush D M




Water quality, Physicochemical, Biological, Land Degradation, Land Use, Total Hardness


Land use changes in urbanization, industrialization, and agricultural processes will continue to have negative impacts on water quality at all scales. The impact of land use change on water quality is generally studied by analysing the relationship between land use and water quality indicators. Water samples were collected from the surface of Pampa River basin, and analysed for physical, chemical and microbiological parameters. Water quality parameters such as electrical conductivity, Total dissolved solids, Biochemical oxygen demand, Total Coliform, and Fecal Coliform, were found to be high in the urban environment.  On the other hand, water pH and ‘DO’ were high in forest area, and nitrate values and E.Coli were maximum in SMT land use.  The water pollution index (WPI) showed that the river water was very pure in the forest area, moderately polluted in the paddy fields, polluted in the urban environment and heavily polluted in the SMT land use.



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