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  • Call for papers - Artha October-December 2020


    Major Issues in International relations in the 21st Century

    The discipline of International relations has been going through several changes in the 21 Century because of the changing world order and emerging issues among the countries and has been a cause for reflection. Political, social and economic changes in the world reshaped relations among nations over the last century.

    This journal issue will explore how continuity and change have shaped current International relations, and how different social science disciplines, and interdisciplinary work have taken account of continuities and change to explain the role of different forces and institutions in the 21 Century.

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  • Call for papers - Artha April-June 2021


    Negotiating the ‘new normal’

    The COVID 19 Pandemic has transformed our world with widespread social and economic changes as the world has struggled to cope with the outbreak. Social and physical distancing and quarantines have been public health strategies that have been adopted to check the rapid transmission of the virus. Across the world different nation states resorted to lockdown as a strategy even while encountering the dilemma of risking livelihoods and economic survival in the interest of the health and survival of their citizen-subjects. The impact of the strategies put in place by countries across the world to cope with the pandemic has been felt in all aspects of society. 

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  • Call for papers - Artha October-December 2021


    All the articles submitted for publication in Artha Journal of Social Sciences are subjected to a double-blind peer review process. The main theme for the forthcoming issue (Vol. 20 Issue No. 4, 2021) is:  

    Changing Dynamics of Federalism in India

    AJSS invites high quality original papers from faculty, students, scholars, public intellectuals, activists, practitioners and professionals from the industry focussing on but not restricted to the following sub-themes:

    • Administrative Aspects
    • Financial Aspects
    • Political Aspects
    • Foreign Policy Aspects
    • Security Aspects
    • Federalism and Disaster Management
    • Issue of Special Status

    Submissions could also be in the form of book reviews, comments, and review articles. 

    For more information about the issue, you can contact Dr. Manoharan N (Section Editor)

    All submissions are to be made electronically, by registering yourselves as an ‘Author’ at the following link:

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  • Call for papers - Artha January-March 2021


    Psychology & Education: Impact and ramifications of restrictions related to COVID-19

    This issue of Artha aims to provide a platform for all those efforts of meaning-making on this topic by researchers in psychology and education. We invite high-quality research articles with methodologies ranging from quantitative to qualitative and mixed methods, for the following issue.


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