Sub-regional Maritime Security Challenges: A Cooperative Approach


  • Udai Rao Indian Navy



The Indian Ocean Region has today emerged as the most important region of strategic concern. With India and China trying to establish their clout over this region and using it to propel themselves to the title of a Superpower. Indian Ocean becomes an interesting site for maritime security studies. This article attempts to trace the different areas of concern for all the stakeholders involved in the management of this sub-regional maritime security challenge. Maritime cooperation and security would ensure secure and safe seas which in turn would allow resurgence of our economies in a mutually beneficial manner. The sub-regional grouping with Maldives and Sri Lanka has to transcend beyond the South Asia sphere,  encompassing  Seychelles and Mauritius and would be a ‘Bottom Up Approach’ to shaping the maritime strategic environment in the Indian ocean.

Author Biography

Udai Rao, Indian Navy

Commodore (retired), Indian Navy