Unhealthy Eating Practices: Identification of Contributing Factors amongst the Youth in Shimla


  • Karan Berry Bahra University




Eating habits have been a major concern amongst the youth as a determinant of health status.

There has been a major change in the eating habits of the young, with an increase in consumption of animal products, starchy food (fries and potato chips) and fats. Eating out is on the rise and is likely to be associated with a much higher intake of calories and fats. Working conditions often demand long, irregular hours in front of computers, with fast food and aerated soft drinks within easy reach. Peer pressure is significantly responsible for a dramatic rise in alcohol and smoking (India Today, 2013).

This qualitative study aims to assess the pattern of eating habits and its contributing factors along with defining the areas where prevention, intervention and education can play a vital role in guiding the youth towards healthy eating habits. Several unhealthy eating habits researched through available secondary resources and collection of contributing factors through interviews and questionnaire response of the youth form the methodology for this study.

Author Biography

Karan Berry, Bahra University

School of Hospitality & Tourism, Bahra University, Dist. Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India