Social Impact Assessment under RFCTLARR Act 2013 and Social Costs – An Analysis

  • Puranjoy Ghosh KIIT(Deemed to be University), Odisha, India
  • Abhishek Ray KIIT (Deemed to be University), Odisha, India;
Keywords: RFCTLARR and Sustainability, Economic Growth, Peoples Participation


Mass-scale development, in the backdrop of increasing population, has appreciated the market-value of "land" – the important determinant that either directly or distantly affects the objectives of sustainable development initiatives. To ensure peoples‟ participation in such governance of developmental programs and satisfy the expansion of economic aspiration, significant changes have been brought in the normative frameworks of land-acquisition, for example, streamlining of compensation policy (economic), integration of SIA and R&R scheme (physical & socio-cultural), involvement of affected persons within the fold of decision-making process (minimization of adverse effects particularly political disruptions), in the RFCTLARR, 2013. This space is used to explicate some popular economic indicators in the context of „social cost‟ in RFCTLARR, 2013.


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