Illegal Migration and Strategic Challenges: A Case Study of Undocumented Migration from Bangladesh to India

  • M Mayilvaganan National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, India
Keywords: Illegal Migration, Undocumented Migration, Northeast India and Assam, Bangladesh


Generally people move either legally or illegally due to socioeconomic and environmental reasons like poverty, unemployment and climate change or in search of better opportunities like for work and education, apart from for the reasons of reunification with family members, or the fear of persecution by other ethnic and political groups. In India as per the census 2001 data the total number of migrants is 314 million. Out of these, migrants from Bangladesh are around 10-20 million, who are mostly undocumented and crossed the border illegally. Though the migration brings in positive contribution, but the illegal ones pose serious challenges to the receiving State. The paper focuses on illegal immigration from Bangladesh to India and its implications.


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