Pangs of Proximity: Politico-Constitutional Crisis in Sri Lanka and its Implications on India-Sri Lanka Relations

  • N Manoharan Christ University
  • Riya Arundhati Pawar CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore, India
Keywords: SLPP, Rajapaksa, SLFP, UNP, Wickremasinghe, Sirisena


The National Unity Government, formed by the traditional rivals UNP and SLFP, was a good example of „cohabitation‟. However, things started falling apart in due course due to new political realignments. It reached a stage where President Sirisena joined hands with the previous President Rajapaksa to oust Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe resulting in about a two-month-long politico-constitutional crisis. With judicial intervention, the crisis got over, but not permanently; the polity looks polarised. The crisis has wide-ranging implications, both at domestic and international levels, especially for India-Sri Lanka relations. Unprecedented political situation that has arisen in Sri Lanka has at least two broad implications on India-Sri Lanka relations: the state of Indian infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka and the ethnic issue in the island nation. Keywords: Wickremasinghe, Sirisena,


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