"Computer Assisted Instruction in Learning Science Concepts at Eighth Standard Level - An Experiment "


  • Flossie Williams




Traditional method of teaching, wherever it is practiced, has become non professional in the field of Educational Technology. It is a universal problem but its incidence is more in underdeveloped countries like India .That's why , NPE 1986 and Revised Educational policies emphasized on the application of technology in the field of Education. Therefore ,the State government came forward to create an awareness of C.A.I. & C.A.L. among class room teachers through software companies like INTEL WIPRO etc., by organizing training program viz., 'Teach To The Future'. However, the present study deals with the influence of ComputerAssisted Instruction in Learning Biological science concepts like Bacteria , Fungi , Algae, Virus , Protozoans (Micro organism) on eighth standard students. The present study resulted in the highest performance by the Experimental group in their post test compared to Controlled group. The Experimental group showed remarkable improvement in the number of first classes. The slow learners proved their success by achieving 100% result. These students remained active through out the sessions in the Experimental group as compared with controlled group. The 't' test was found to be significant. Performance of boys and girls in the post test showed negative correlation,which was perfect.