An Efficient Method of Production of Colloidal Chitin for Enumeration of Chitinase Producing Bacteria

  • Shaun Joe Christ University
  • Suma Sarojini Christ University


Chitin is a long-chain polymer of an N-acetyl glucosamine, a derivative of glucose, and is one of the most abundant natural polymer which has proved versatile for several medical, industrial and biotechnological purposes. Chitinase enzymes have received wide spread attention for its biotechnological applications mainly in the field of agriculture as a bio control agent against fungi and certain insects. An efficient way of obtaining colloidal chitin and the enumeration of chitinase producing bacteria with fungicidal properties were the main objectives of the current study. For this purpose two different species of fungi, Alternaria sp. and Fusarium sp. were isolated from infected vegetables. Chitinase can be used as a potential alternative to chemical fungicides. The current study elucidates an effective method of preparation of colloidal chitin to enumerate the chitanase producing bacteria.


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