Development-induced Displacement and Homelessness in Seattle, Washington


  • Veronica Fynn Bruey Seattle University School of Law, USA



Development Induced Displacement, Seattle, Homelessness and Housing, Economic Development


As big technological companies expand across the Seattle Metropolitan area, real estate construction is exploding in downtown Seattle where homelessness due to development-induced displacement is concerning. To this end, the internal displacement of vulnerable populations, including Indigenous peoples, homeless persons, and refugees is mainly due to large scale development of big tech companies. The indifference of using the term ―internal displacement‖ to describe the situation of development-induced displacement makes it difficult to identify, name and raise the agenda of development-induced displaced homeless people in the area. Thus, the goal of this paper is to present a general overview and assessment of the state of development-induced displacement of homeless peoples in Seattle due to big companies‘ expansion, so as to initiate and stimulate critical dialogue on furthering research in the area.


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