Drug-trafficking as a Non-traditional Security Threat: Emerging Trends and Responses


  • Pushpita Das Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), New Delhi, India




Drug Trafficking, National Security, Borders, Terror Funding, Anti-Drug Laws


India‟s proximity to two of the world‟s largest producers of opium and synthetic drugs and its large pharmaceutical base has made the country not only a conduit but also a source for drug trafficking. This illegal movement of narcotics and drugs pose significant threats to national security: breach of security of the international borders and the country, money generated by the sale of drugs and narcotics are used for terror funding and criminal groups engaged in drug trafficking develop nexus with terror networks. The trends and patterns of drug trafficking in the country demonstrate that there has been a gradual shift from traditional/natural drugs towards synthetic drugs that are being trafficked and consumed in the country. The paper analyses the steps taken by the State to curb the process and its effectiveness so far.


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