Differences in Russian and English Pronunciation


  • Akin Ademuyiwa University of Ibadan




phonetic discrepancies, intonation, consonant and vowel, Russian-English, pronunciation


It might be difficult for English speakers to learn Russian since there are significant phonetic discrepancies between the two languages. The vowel system is one of the biggest distinctions between the two languages; Russian has 10 vowels while English only has five. Compared to English vowels, Russian vowels are uttered more clearly and for longer periods of time, which frequently produces a more nasalized sound. In contrast, diphthongs are found in English but not in Russian. Several Russian consonant sounds, including "Ж" and "Ш" are absent from the English language when it comes to consonants. In contrast to English consonants, which include a little puff of air following pronunciation, Russian consonants can also be either harsh or soft with no aspiration. The second syllable of a word is nearly always where stress is put in Russian due to the language's set pattern of stress. In contrast, the stress patterns in English change based on the portion of speech and the situation. In Russian pronunciation, intonation is important because it conveys meaning, emotion, and purpose. English speakers can better prepare themselves for successfully learning Russian by recognising the distinctions in pronunciation between these two languages. In order to fill the gap left by previous research in this field, we aim to examine the most significant issues frequently faced by foreign students of Russian and English.


Author Biography

Akin Ademuyiwa, University of Ibadan

Dr. Ademuyiwa is a senior lecturer in the department of European studies, faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan.


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