"Computerized Multimedia Package in Teaching and Learning Process of Social Sciences at Secondary School Level- An Experimental Study "


  • Girija N
  • Vijayalakshmi S




In the present context of world peace, there is a great need of strengthening the Teaching of Social, Economical, Cultural, Religious and Technological Values in the society. Since Social Sciences a wonderful treasure house of information and values, teaching of Social Sciences should be made more interesting to the students to learn at all the levels. In this regard Instructional Media has stimulated Social Sciences teachers to seek innovative strategies in teaching learning process. These strategies are concerned with the systematic application of various media and skills to the requirements of educating the syllabus of Social Sciences.Based on instructional design, a Multimedia Package is prepared with the combination of text, graphics, sound, animation and video elements and presentation delivered by the computer. It is an individualized learning Package with Multimeda techniques which has built in self-evaluation process also. This was validated by different groups of experts at different levels and was also field tested. Finally the achievement test was administered to the learners.
Thus the effectiveness of Multimedia package (SLM) on achievement was studied and analyzed statistically with the help of scores obtained.