Characterization of Low-temperature Coal Ash Behaviour under Atmospheric Pressure


  • Manoj B. Christ University, Bangalore
  • Chandrasekharan K. A. Christ University, Bangalore
  • Kunjomana A. G. Christ University, Bangalore



Coal, Minerals, Characterization, FTIR


The chemical composition of the virgin coal from Korba coal fields,South central India is determined with the help of Fourier transform Infrared spectroscopy. The process of burning of carbon rich coal is carried out from a temperature of 200˚C to 700˚C under atmospheric pressure and controlled air in a muffle furnace. The resultant coals are examined with FTIR. The result shows that the residence time of coal ash at high temperature has considerable influence on the composition of coal ash and little effect on the amount of unburned carbon. With increase of temperature the oxygenated groups are released mainly as H2O and CO, but also as aldehydes, alcohols and acids. The silicate and quartz mineral content remains the same throughout heating.



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