Uncertainty in Consumer Behaviour with Reference to Factors Influencing Consumer Purchase Decision of Smartphones in the City of Bengaluru


  • Arpitha S Reddy CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
  • Badal Soni CHRIST (Deemed to be University)




Smartphones, Consumer Preference, Purchase Decision


This article attempts to investigate and understand the factors that influence the purchase decision towards smartphones in Bangalore. Bangalore is a cosmopolitan and multilingual city with a mixed culture. It is also a famous city in India with the IT sector and educational institutions, which has grown in the recent past. The shopping pattern in Bangalore is found to be very interesting when compared to other south Indian cities because the spending pattern of people in Bangaloreprovokes the consumers to purchase. A survey was conducted to determine the factors influencing smartphone purchase. A simple random sampling technique has been used with a sample size of 190. Factor analysis was run to reduce the dimensions and find the aptest variables influencing the consumer purchase decision. From the analysis, the researchers have derived five iterations which are price and in-built features(Component 1), camera, battery backup and sound quality(Component 2), marketing strategy and social groups(Component 3), brand image and origin of the company (Component 4), EMI and replacement option(Component 5). This study will help the marketers in understanding the expectation of the consumer’s from the product and figure out the areas of improvement in smartphone features and other factors influencing the purchase so that they can tailor make the product as per customer requirement and understand the most crucial factor contributing to the sale. Uncertainty is to be understood by the marketers, as drastic changes in needs, wants, desire, and expectations are needed.


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