Business Research in the VUCA World


  • Anand Shankar Raja CHRIST (Deemed to be University)



Business research, VUCA Acronym, Agility, Sustainability, New normality


The purpose of this issue is to invite articles on the VUCA theme (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity), relevant to various crises. For example, the COVID-19 health crisis across the globe has affected many occupations leaving a double folded impact. VUCA is an opportunity for a few business organizations to realize their worthiness and an opportunity to revive their strategies to sustain themselves. VUCA is also an opportunity for business leaders to examine their abilities and leadership skills. Unpredictable environments give rise to more opportunities. Leadership skills can be mastered in the VUCA environment, as managers get ready to restructure and rethink the way of conducting business. This issue has accepted six articles from various fields of studies, which include Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, and Services Marketing. All the articles underwent a sequence of the review process and then were finalized for publication. This issue is rich in new ideas and gives opportunities for readers to access new information. All the articles have also contributed to a larger social impact, contributing to various stakeholders.

Author Biography

Anand Shankar Raja, CHRIST (Deemed to be University)

Section Editor - Ushus Journal of Business Management 


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