Employee Health and Safety Measures in the Manufacturing Industry: Insights from a Diversified Workforce


  • Padmavathy S. Kongu Engineering College
  • Brindha PN Kongu Engineering College




Employee health safety measure, employee satisfaction, diversified workforce


 Employee  Health and Safety Measures is one of the major importance that helps in the good working of the organization. Employers frequently set up an occupational and safety management system to handle problems, guarantee a safe working environment, and ensure that the employees are in the best possible health. The manufacturing industry has received relatively little attention thus far compared to other working categories, and this study aims to address the need for increased research on safety hazards and worker wellness in this industry. This study is to understand the Satisfaction   on health and safety measures for diversified workforce during the pandemic in a sizing mill . This study also done to analyze factors that influence employee satisfaction. A descriptive study has been conducted through a structured questionnaire method. The primary data is collected from the 239 respondents. The data collected were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences(SPSS) Software using different statistical tools such as Percentage Analysis, Correlation, Regression, Chi-Square, and Independent T-test Analysis. The study says that the independent variables like Employee Awareness and Employee  Measures have a positive relationship with the dependent variables Employee Satisfaction. From the findings we suggested that these sizing mills should provide more training on the use of PPE Equipment and the company should educate the diversified workforce on the health and safety measures of the pandemic.  Further  research can be done with more factors deeply. It can also increase the respondent size to have clear cut results.


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