Book Review "The Tacit Dimension" by Michael Polayni


  • Mallikarjun Gudadinni IIT Mandi



The book The Tacit Dimension by the author Michael Polanyi speaks about the different dimensions of Knowledge of the world in a philosophical context. The author deals with the many facets of Knowledge, knowing its emergence and how society explored it in the three chapters. He tried to enumerate the above things. The book is for insightful reading to an ordinary man who understands how Knowledge works and how different associations of Knowledge are in our society with academic, societal, intellectual, and personal endeavors. The book shifts the reader's attention from intimate Knowledge to a philosophical knowledge perspective. The author finds Knowledge is of different dimensions where it is subjected to every individual's upbringing, perception, sensations, and the way s/he interacts with intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. Various paradoxes we frequently encounter in the world are subjected to how things exist, how things appear, and how we perceive them with our information




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