Call for Papers: Re-imaging the new normal: Changing hospitality trends post-Covid-19


Volume 16. No. 2 (2021); July – December 2021

Theme: Re-imaging the new normal: Changing hospitality trends post-Covid-19


Atna, Journal of Tourism is coming up with its next issue, in association with the Department of Hotel Management at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore, India.


In this issue, the focus is on understanding the shift in hospitality and tourism business during the Covid 19 pandemic as there will be a “New normal” that everyone will have to adjust to. The hospitality and tourism sector has never experienced a global crisis of this scale, and thus the recovery will not happen overnight either. The theme is moving from sustainability to safety and much beyond. There are signs of uncertainty about the future and strong indications that there will be an impact on economic, social and inevitably, on human health post pandemic. Therefore, there is a need to reform, reframes, reinvent and transform business to face this scenario.


This issue is conceptualized as a series of articles with knowledge sharing on Re-imaging the business needs, with the aim of bringing together contemporary impacts and challenges of this pandemic for the industry. Questions like – How well-prepared was the Tourism and hospitality industry for a crisis like this? What lessons as an industry have to learn from this global lockdown? Has it done its homework? And in this dilemma, how should the industry and academia reorganize itself? – would be the issues to ponder upon.


We welcome primary research-based articles on a broad range, in both geographic and chronological terms, which could include local, regional, national/global. We particularly seek ten papers up to 8,000 words which are intellectually challenging and covering examples from different parts of the world. Some potential themes are listed below, but are not limited to:


  • Travel and hospitality recovery
  • New initiatives, Resilience, Cultural differences, Sustainability and CSR
  • Best Practices in Enhancing Tourism with Authentic Hospitality 
  • Competitiveness, sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  • Consumer behavior, decision-making, expectations, experience and satisfaction
  • Innovation in Hospitality, Tourism and Events Industry
  • Spas, health and well-being
  • Next-Generation Customer Experience: Human Touch Vs. Smart Touch 
  • The geographical economic effects of the pandemic on the hospitality and tourism industry.
  • Overcome the damage caused by pandemic on a particular country, city, local community or an economic sector.
  • Crisis and recovery in tourism and hospitality
  • Demoralizing effects on the hospitality industry during covid 19
  • Contactless Technology: the New Normal for Hotels and Restaurants Post Lockdown
  • Listening to the body to understand food requirements
  • Changes in diet and eating habits during Covid19
  • Innovate to sustain: The food business during Covid19
  • How Organic is Organic: The New Normal
  • The future customer: Food trends and consumption pattern
  • The plate is getting prettier for the camera.
  • Social media: The cause for changing food trends.


Submission Deadline: 30 January 2021


Contact for manuscript submission queries:

Dr Leena Fukey, Associate Professor, Department of Hotel Management  and / or


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