About the Journal

Atna - Journal of Tourism Studies, seeks to facilitate critical study and in-depth reflection and analysis of issues, problems and concerns of human life, in order to further the directions and transformations human society needs to evolve into. It targets tourism and hospitality scientists, management scientists, social scientists, educational institutions, research centres, policy makers and any individual interested in and commited to human welfare.

  • ISSN: 0975-3281
  • Open Access: The journal follows an open access policy. All the issues are available online.
  • Peer review: Atna - Journal of Tourism Studies is a double blind peer-reviewed journal.
  • Letters to Editors: The email can be sent with the subject line clearly mentioning "Letter to the Editor


  • UGC-CARE Listed Journal. (Group I, Business, Management and Accounting)
  • ISSN: 0975-3281
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  • DOI - https://doi: 10.12727

Aim and Scope

Atna Journal of Tourism Studies (AJTS) focuses predominantly to bestow a high-quality work on all the areas and interdisciplinary studies related to Tourism and Hospitality Management. The journal strikes an interdisciplinary approach that inspects business practices and state-of-the-art pertaining to the tourism and hospitality industry. It comprises primary research articles, book reviews, research notes, case studies to examine and reinforce the various scenarios evolving within the industry. 

As a Scholarly Journal, AJTS is meticulous in producing standardized articles that have theoretical or methodological contributions to the tourism and hospitality industry. It is responsible for publishing articles that benefit the business and academic community. It nurtures and motivates research scholars to accord stupendous contributions to the industry.

AJTS aims to produce excellent articles that benefit tourism and hospitality management at the International, National, and Regional levels. Topics related to a Paradigm shift in the tourism and hospitality industry, Innovations, Solutions to the current issues, Sustainable practices, Responsible tourism measures, Hospitality Management, Tourism Marketing, Tourism Finance, Consumer behavior, Trends, Strategies to revive, revamp and rejuvenate the tourism and hospitality industry are encouraged.