• Call for Papers - Volume 17. No. 2 (2022) July – December Issue


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    Volume 17. No. 2 (2022) July – December Issue

    Theme: Sustainability and Tourism Business

    Atna, Journal of Tourism studies, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore, India is coming up with its next issue aimed at enhancing the tourism sector’s understanding and improved growth through better management and leveraging of tourism. Academic deliberations and discussion forums decipher a new paradigm for tourism management for the intercepts of tourism and leisure eco-space. This issue will include original research articles, overview articles, perspective articles and case articles that cover the following topics, listed below. This issue is conceptualized as a series of articles with knowledge sharing on Sustainability and tourism business eco-spaces, with the aim of bringing together contemporary impacts and challenges of this volatile industry.

     Sustainability and Tourism Business

     Tourism and hospitality businesses are going through more volatile, uncertain business conditions than ever before. Hence, ensuring business sustainability has become very challenging task for the hospitality businesses. This call for papers aims to bring together relevant, original, and interdisciplinary contributions to the topic from sustainability and interdisciplinary tourism business perspectives. Theoretical and empirical original research papers, review papers, and conceptual papers from sustainability and tourism management perspectives are welcome.

    ATNA welcomes submissions in the form of viewpoints, research notes, case studies, literature reviews and research articles for this issue on "Sustainability and Tourism Business”. We welcome primary research-based articles on a broad range, which could include local, regional, national/global perspectives. We particularly seek ten papers up to 8,000 words which are intellectually challenging and covering examples from different parts of the world. Some potential themes are listed below, but are not limited to:

    Corporate social responsibility, sustainability and tourist satisfaction.

    • Sustainable tourism development in Tourism business
    • Sustainability and Renewable energy for sustainable growth
    • Transformative learning for Urban Sustainability
    • The cross-cultural aspects of global sustainability

    Submission Deadline: 30th September 2022. 

    Contact for manuscript submission queries:

    Dr Bindi Varghese, Associate Professor, Department of Business & Management and / or

     Journal Link: (submit articles only through this link)


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