'Neuromarketing' Ivodel for Tourism Promotion


  • P Deepika




Awareness of tourism as a money-spinner has caught the imagination of many a destination. Destinations are vying for a share in the global tourism market. Many a strategy is in place for attracting the target market and in each of the cases, the competition is not left behind. With destinations increasingly searching for strategies to differentiate, concepts such as Unique Selling Proposition (USP) have emerged with the assumption that there is a single point in the brain meant for a particular benefit and whichever brand occupied it first would stand to gain forever. With millions of neural connections transmitting messages to the brain and constructs such as previous experience of the brand, feelings of an individual and thoughts about the product in terms of brand name, price, colour, or any other the other characteristics makes the concept of USP redundant. Also, with multiple parameters of a brand available to the consumer for decision, the concept of Multiple Selling Propositions (MSP) of the brand as well as a multiple media vehicle model for communication such a concept is required. For tourism, such a concept is appropriate considering heterogeneous nature of the product and this paper seeks to analysis the application of the concept of MSP for tourism promotion.