Food and Drink As Tourism Product


  • Susan Horner
  • N.G Vinod



India is trying to grow the levels of inbound tourism and it has focussed on a number of tourism products to target the growing number of tourists, including cultural tourism, beach tourism, adventure tourism, ecotourism, and spa and well-being tourism.All of these tourism products emphasize the opportunity that exists for the future development of culturally based tourism as part of the ongoing 'Incredible India' campaign.The growth of cultural tourism relies on a subtle combination of a number of tourism resources to target the post-modern consumer who desires wider holiday experiences (Swarbrooke and Horner,1999).Food and drink can contribute to the development of cultural tourism as it provides an important resource when it is used in combination with another factor such as traditional crafts, heritage, attractions, festivals and special events, and religious sites(Swarbrooke,1999).The opportunities to exploit food and drink as a tourism product are numerous, although it has traditionally been viewed as being of secondary importance compared to another tourism resources