A Shift from Work-Life Balance to Work-Life Choices: A Study on Tourism Professionals in Goa


  • Cheryl Venan Dias
  • Venan Bonaventure Dias




Work-life balance is passé, enter work-life choices. But the next question arises, is this concept applicable to every working individual? Goa is predominantly a tourist destination, which thrives on inbound tourism through its extensive dependency on chartered flights, EDM festivals and as a wedding destination. However this study focuses on career oriented men and women, as well as entrepreneurs who work for the tourism industry in Goa. Their focus is on providing travel solutions in terms of visa assistance, booking air travel, planning itineraries. In a nutshell their orientation is towards outbound travel. These individuals have also made some serious choices in life to achieve what they wanted in their professional front. The study tries to identify the human resource issues that are prevalent in the micro, small and medium enterprises that they work with. This also calls for defining the term small and medium tourism enterprises (SMTE). Issues may be translated into remuneration, ethical aspects, relocation, and working hours. The survey responses will reveal the work-life choices made in their business or career.