A plan to guide the direction of success for kulik bird sanctuary in West Bengal


  • Tamal Basu Roy Potoir C C High School Dinapur, West Bengal




Tourism is one of the best ways to enhance the employment opportunities and economic progress to an area. Raiganj Kulik Bird Sanctuary is one of the largest bird sanctuaries in Asia.  In-spite of having several ecotourism strengths it is very unpredictable to imagine that  the said Sanctuary can’t get popularity and fame as a tourist spot in India as well as in Asia. The essences of this paper is to identify the barriers for the tourism development along with some strategic attempts for the future development and there by enhancement of tourist attraction. On the other hand the sanctuary is not so preserved from illicit poaching that can be detrimental to its further growth.  Delinquency in support building system towards the sanctuary and ignorant glimpse  to the wild life is really of the major deludes of human being, which has also made the authors expedited to think over the matter

Author Biography

Tamal Basu Roy, Potoir C C High School Dinapur, West Bengal

Potoir C C High School Dinapur, West Bengal