Agri-Tourism in India: A Way of Rural Development


  • Sukanta Sarkar Faculty of Management, ICFAI University Tripura, Agartala



The study makes an attempt to assess the impact of agri-tourism on economic life of farmers in rural areas. The result indicates that agriĀ­tourism may be a source of additional income for farmers. Farmers are now-a-days facing more problems for maintaining their livelihood because agricultural productions in India are fluctuating for monsoon. Therefore they needs source of additional income and in this case agri-tourism may be the possible alternative. Agri-tourism helps for increasing interaction between rural and urban peoples. Agri-tourism involvement in agricultural operations creates joyful experience to the tourist. Agri-tourism could create awareness about rural life and knowledge about agriculture science among urban school children. Thus, the paper suggests that the agri-tourism has the capacity for creating income opportunity for farmers and shows new path for rural development.

Author Biography

Sukanta Sarkar, Faculty of Management, ICFAI University Tripura, Agartala

Faculty of Management, ICFAI University Tripura, Agartala.