A Study on the Impact of Yoga Tourism on Tourists Visiting Kerala


  • K Ambili T K M College of Arts and Science, Kollam, Kerala, India




Yoga tourism is the latest trend which includes both treatments as well as tourism. Kerala has emerged as the most acclaimed yoga tourist destination in the world. This study delineates the major reasons that increase the suitability of Kerala for yoga practice, the source of information about destinations in Kerala, the kind of tourism which are preferred to be combined with yoga trips, and how long have the tourists been doing yoga in their lives and the impact of yoga in their lives. The study was carried out by a descriptive research design based on survey method. Averages, percentages, chi-square test and factor analysis were used for analyzing the study. The result showed that traditional system of yoga was the major reason for suitability of Kerala for yoga practices, friends, relatives and travel agents remain key persons in giving information to the yoga tourists, and yoga has a high positive impact on tourists’ lives.

Author Biography

K Ambili, T K M College of Arts and Science, Kollam, Kerala, India

Guest Lecturer, Department of Travel and Tourism Management