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The role of HR in today’s workplace is undergoing a revolution. HR has evolved from a “transactional” to “transformational” approach. It now seeks to play a more strategic role and ensures that people become a competitive advantage for an organization. However the challenges faced by HR today are unique and require innovative solutions. The younger workforce consisting of millennial, employees moving from a “psychological contract” to a social contract, employee engagement in the era of gig economy, data driven HR, an agile HR which is fast and adaptive will be trends HR will need to face and find solutions for.  The present special HR issue of USHUS - Journal of Business Management (UJBM) published by Christ university seeks to facilitate an in-depth reflection and analysis of the above issues, problems and concerns. We are inviting both conceptual and empirical research using quantitative, qualitative, case studies investigating these topics at various levels, the industry levels, the organizational and team level and finally the individual levels.

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Last date of submission: April 30 2019  

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