Call for Papers: Restructuring of Businesses and Marketing Framework in post-Covid era


Volume 20, No.2 (2021) ; April-June 2021

Theme: Restructuring of Businesses and Marketing Framework in post-Covid era


The COVID-19 pandemic overwhelmed the world and uncovered the weaknesses of interconnected and related worldwide worth chains. In that capacity, the ascent of worldwide worth chains has been considered for all intents and purposes relentless because of more noteworthy accentuation on fracture and scattering of business exercises over the globe because of empowering innovations, regulative powers, expanding consideration on center skills, and developing internationalization of business exercises. During the pandemic, the development of individuals as well as the development of merchandise across national limits came to almost a total end. Numerous nations shut down their outskirts, and some even confined worth chain streams to encourage the progression of clinical supplies expected to meet the pressing requirements for tolerant treatment, assurance, and control (World Health Organization, 2020). These unexpected advancements happened simultaneously with an abrupt and across the board flood in alarm purchasing, flexibly deficiencies, accumulating, and value controls. This call seeks papers to understand the topics related to consumer well-being and pandemics at the intersection of markets, society, global value chain, governance, and existence. Sub-themes that Papers can focus on are:

  • New design requirements in global value chains that would withstand global pandemics and large-scale shocks
  • Ways businesses tackle the challenges of globalized knowledge transfer, product design, and blueprints in tandem with localized production in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The geographic scope of global value chains be defined in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and related insurgency of deglobalization
  • New network configurations of global value chain governance, economic production, knowledge exchange, and resource allocation would emerge in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The role of digital value chain technologies in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and redesigning global value chains in its aftermath
  • The value chain strategies and technologies offer a solution to the trade-off between integration and interdependence in global value chains
  • Policy directions and consumer well-being during COVID-19 pandemic


Submission Deadline: 15 March 2021

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