Milky Mist - Managing the Cold Supply Chain

  • S Jaisankar KCT Business School, Coimbatore


Way back in 1989, Thangamuthu, a small agriculturist in Chithode village near Erode, Tamil Nadu, was not very successful in farming. From the few cows he owned at that time, he decided to sell milk to the local people residing in the nearby villages. A couple of years passed by but for Thangamuthu nothing went on well and was not able to make profits. At this despairing stage, the only hope was his 13 years old son Sathish Kumar.  Sathish Kumar was an eighth-grade schoolboy who had always observed his father’s business and the problem’s by his father faced in his business. Sathish decided to quit his school to support his father’s business. When he joined his father, Sathish thought of a different idea, “Instead of selling unprocessed milk avalue-addedmilkproduct will be more profitable!”– he thought and decided to manufacture ‘Panner’ - the first milk product that his business manufactured and sold it to a client in Bangalore. Gradually, he started to market the product in departmental stores in cities nearby under the brand name ‘Milky Mist’. Such was the beginning of the company, Milky Mist, that has seen a phenomenal growth and is ambitiously moving forward. Today, the company has evolved into a 290-crore turnover company producing about 1.7 lakh litres per day for its sale and consumption.

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S Jaisankar, KCT Business School, Coimbatore

KCT Business School, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore, India