Sustainable Hospitality Management and Dimensions of Environmental Regulations: A Qualitative Study on the Puducherry Perspective


  • Anu Chandran R C
  • Sherry Abraham



Tourism  and  hospitality,  globally,  is  experiencing  a paradigm shift. The modern day tourists and clients of hospitality are very discerning and opt for higher quality and value based products and services. To cater to their needs, a wide range of properties at various scales are being introduced in  the  sector. At the same time, it is increasingly recognised that unplanned and uncontrolled hospitality ventures are causing certain adverse impacts on  the  environment.  These  necessitate thorough supervision of the hospitality  projects, both existing as well as upcoming, and positively check whether they are abiding by the prescribed guidelines as prevailing under the environmental notifications. That is, the set up and operations  must  be  actively  monitored  as  per the Environmental Laws and Rules. The accelerated growth of  international  and  domestic  tourists  to  Puducherry resulted in the spurt of hospitality establishments across the destination. This growth can be sustained only if the hotels, resorts, restaurants and other hospitality outlets operate by showing profound consideration towards the environment. The  business  practices  in  the  hospitality sector  of  Puducherry  are  undergoing  great transformations,  imbibing  the  latest  and  the  best  of things. Technological  advancements  have  also  altered traditional  patterns  and  many  innovative  trends  are emerging  in  the  hospitality  trade.  With  the  increased impact on  the  environment  owing  to  large  scale establishment  and  expansion  of  hospitality  projects  in Puducherry, comes the need for informed planning and sustainable  management  as  well  as  education  and training for  developers,  investors,  planners,  managers and  local  communities.  Owing  to  this  reason, the management  of  hospitality  firms  in  Puducherry  must abide by the Environmental Laws and Rules to prevent haphazard,  uncontrolled  growth,  spatial  and  land  use planning;  conforming  to  strict  architectural  controls, sewerage facilities and water treatment plants. This paper brings  to  light  the  challenges  faced  by the hospitality industry of Puducherry with regards to consumption and conservation  of  natural  resources, by  gathering  and analysing the opinion  of  experts  from the hospitality trade  and the environmental  pollution  control organisations.  This  study elucidates  the  Environmental Laws and Rules which are necessary, as in the case of the hospitality  industry  of  Puducherry, to  curtail  adverse effects  on  the  environment.  It  is  for  sure  that, in the future, quality  practices  and  management  styles  as guided and enforced by the environmental laws would contribute to  resolve  many  shortcomings  faced  by the hospitality enterprises in Puducherry.




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Chandran R C, A., & Abraham, S. (2012). Sustainable Hospitality Management and Dimensions of Environmental Regulations: A Qualitative Study on the Puducherry Perspective. Atna Journal of Tourism Studies, 7(2), 23-40.