Karnataka Tourism Satellite Accounts (Kar-TSA): A Necessity for the Tourism Industry


  • Mahesh Kumar




Tourism  is  being  highlighted  for  its  immense  business opportunities with its close linkages to the transport and accommodation industry and a host of other sectors. The potential and performance of the tourism industry in the state of Karnataka, needs to be gauged in terms of its socio-economic magnitudes. The present study focuses on the need for developing a Tourism  Satellite  Account  (TSA)  framework, which enables estimating or arriving at tourism activity impact on  the  state  economy  and  its  people,  because  tourism does  not  exist  as  a  distinct  sector,  but  happens  across several  sectors.  The  TSA  framework  separates  out  all tourism-related activity within gross state products (GSP). World Tourism Organization developed this framework and  so  far, over  75  counties  have  either  initiated  or completed  implementation  of  this  framework.  In  2006, India has published the first National Tourism Satellite Accounts. Efforts are being made to understand the need for adapting the sub-national level TSA for the state of Karnataka  with  discussions  on the TSA  conceptual framework and the present situation around the globe as well as in the sub-continent, followed by the findings and recommendations.




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Kumar, M. (2012). Karnataka Tourism Satellite Accounts (Kar-TSA): A Necessity for the Tourism Industry. Atna Journal of Tourism Studies, 7(2), 41-74. https://doi.org/10.12727/ajts.8.3