A Web-based GIS for Tourism Administration in Kerala


  • Venugopal C K
  • V Ajayakumar




Geographic  Information  systems  are  used  widely  for Tourism  administration  in  several  countries,  but  not especially true in Kerala scenario. This paper attempts to present a GIS model for tourism administration in Kerala. Various  applications  of  Tourism  based  GIS  in  the international  arena  have  been  examined  in  this  paper. Data collected from different sources reveals the present status of Tourism GISs world over. The study focuses on areas where GIS can be applied in Kerala Tourism and gives outputs that can be generated using the proposed model.  Tourism  is  essentially  a  cartographic phenomenon.  In  this  context  this  paper  assumes importance as various devices, both wired and wireless are  increasingly  used  to  accesses  cartographic information.  With  internet  becoming  an  unavoidable component of modern day life, map based information is the need of the hour. A web based GIS will benefit Kerala tourism in the coming years. The model proposed in this paper can act as a foundation for building a web based GIS for Kerala tourism.




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C K, V., & Ajayakumar, V. (2013). A Web-based GIS for Tourism Administration in Kerala. Atna Journal of Tourism Studies, 8(1), 17-31. https://doi.org/10.12727/ajts.9.2