Bridging the Gap between Producers and Consumers of Himachali Fruit Wines


  • Suresh Chauhan
  • Sukarn Sharma
  • Yenesew Alene



Tourism is  travel  for  recreational,  leisure  or  business purposes. This  vast industry is  associated with different services  like    Accommodation,  Food  and  Beverage services, Travel services, Recreation and Entertainment. These  days  tourists not  only  look  for  vacations  and travel—they  seek  cultural  education,  historical significance, natural or inbuilt beauty, and to taste local cuisine  and  beverages.  In  Beverages  especially, wines play an  important  role.  Winemaking  has  existed throughout  Indian history  but  was  particularly encouraged by Portugal and the United Kingdom.  The Old Testament in the Bible gives evidence of existence of wines, but there is a definite evidence of its use in China in  2000  BC  and  in  Egypt  in  3000  BC. Having  a  well established  name  in  fruit  juices,  Himachal  Pradesh  (a northern hill state in India) has planned to venture in the area of  fruit  wines.  To  know  the  present  position  of Himachal’s wine industry and the gaps therein, a research was  conducted.    It  was  found  that  Himachal’s  wine industry  should  address  issues  like  availability  of multiple flavours of fruit wines and stiff competition with beer   and   breezer.   However,   the   industry   can   take advantage  of  three  factors  associated  with  these  wines viz. health, flavour, and price. This can help Himachal to set up the same benchmark as it has done in case of juices.




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Chauhan, S., Sharma, S., & Alene, Y. (2013). Bridging the Gap between Producers and Consumers of Himachali Fruit Wines. Atna Journal of Tourism Studies, 8(1), 33-42.