Impact of Tourism on Livelihoods


  • Anjali Aggarwal
  • Govind Tiwari



Wildlife tourism is gaining popularity day by day. With the increase in the number of tourist influx in Protected Areas (PA), new facilities to satisfy their needs are coming in the villages around the PA. Tourism has both negative and positive impacts in these rural areas. To know the impacts of tourism, a study was conducted in two villages namely Khatia and Mocha which are situated near Kanha National Park (KNP).  The main aim of study was to identify the change in the lives of those villagers who have sold their land to resort/lodge owners.  A survey was conducted of villagers who had sold their land in the last five years. Data was obtained regarding change in land use, use of income obtained from sale, reasons for selling the land, change in livelihood patterns etc. It was found out that the main reasons for selling the land included exasperation due to crop raiding by wild ungulates and the attractive price offered by the resort owners. The land use pattern changed drastically leading to a complete change in landscape from one dominated by agricultural fields to one choked by construction of posh resorts. The use of money realized from sale was majorly done to purchase land holdings in other villages or gypsies to be used for tourism purposes. Wilcoxon Signed Rank test shows that there is a significant increase in the income of villages after the sale although many marginal farmers are working as laborers on the same piece of land they once owned.




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Aggarwal, A., & Tiwari, G. (2014). Impact of Tourism on Livelihoods. Atna Journal of Tourism Studies, 9(1), 29-38.