• Binidi Varghese




Atna-Journal of Tourism Studies (AJTS) has continued to make progress in terms of publishing peer-reviewed articles, and has attracted an ever increasing national audience of authors, research investigators, and scholars. AJTS Volume 9, Issue 2 has an exclusive range of scholarly articles across areas such as Film-induced Tourism, Wine tourism, Airline Transportation, Customer Brand Relationship and Motivational Behaviour. Anu Chandran in his article showcases how Puducherry has evolved as a film destination and shaped a brand image.  Anupama Kotur Kaddi and Paramita Suklabaidya highlights on wine tourism management in Maharashtra.  The article by Jitendra Mohan Mishra, investigates into the market for airline transportation in Puducherry and examines the rationale behind airlines withdrawing their operations from the Union Territory.  The article by Sneha N examines customer-centric marketing in Bangalore and its relation to customer retention in select travel agencies.  The article by Tomy K Kallarakal, showcases how the productivity and effectiveness of any organisation is dependent on the performance level of the employees in the organisation. On behalf of the Editorial Board, I extend our sincere gratitude to the authors and reviewers for their valuable contributions. A word of thanks to Neha Itty Jose Paul, Research Scholar, Christ University for her assistance in compiling this issue. We look forward to the encouragement, constructive criticisms, and support of academicians, researchers and professionals in our effort to strengthen the discipline of Tourism Studies.




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