An Enquiry into the Conceptual Identity of Wine Tourism– A Theoretical Synthesis


  • Anupama S Kotur Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies–Pune, Symbiosis International (Deemed) University, Pune, India.



Wine Tourism, Food Tourism, Culinary Tourism


Many studies focussing on origin, growth and development of wine tourism in various parts of the world have shed light of facets that are unique to wine tourism. Through this research paper, the author aims to understand the variations presented in defining select terminologies in contemporary research in the domain, so as to be able to establish interlinkages with wine tourism. This theoretical synthesis is exploratory in nature and is based on review of extensive literature in the field of food tourism, culinary tourism, gastronomy tourism and wine tourism. The results of this study may be particularly useful to policy makers, industry practitioners of tourism promotion as well as academicians and researchers in the field of food and drink based tourism.


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