Analysing the Differential Performances of Indian States in the Tourism Sector : (1947-early 2020)


  • Megha Jacob
  • Archita Agarwal
  • Gunjan Gupta
  • Kavya Maria Raju
  • Rabani Khurana



Medical Tourism, Rural/Natural Tourism, Religious Tourism and Historical and Educational Tourism, Policy analysis, Covid-19


Tourism is an ever evolving and a dynamic industry which can play a crucial role in increasing income and in providing employment opportunities in an economy. India especially with its rich heritage, culture and geographical landscapes has always had immense potential to become a leading tourist destination. Presently the major types of tourism prevalent in India are Medical Tourism, Rural/ Natural Tourism, Religious Tourism and Historical& Educational Tourism. In 2018-19, the tourism sector contributed around 5% to India’s GDP. However with the health shock of Covid-19, the tourism sector has taken a major hit since early 2020, with several people losing their jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector when different states imposed lockdowns and took various measures to curb the pandemic. As restrictions in each state eased during the first wave of the pandemic, different states in India adopted various policies to revive the tourism industry. But to understand the effectiveness of these policies in each state/ UT, one needs to investigate the baseline at which the Tourism industry was before the pandemic hit the country. This paper attempts to look at the differential performances of states and UTs of India in tourism by categorizing them into various types of tourism between 1947 until March 2020.This paper aims to act as a base for further analysing the impact of this pandemic on Tourism across states in India.

Author Biography

Megha Jacob

Assistant Professor, Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi


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Jacob, M., Agarwal, A., Gupta, G. ., Raju, K. M. ., & Khurana, R. (2021). Analysing the Differential Performances of Indian States in the Tourism Sector : (1947-early 2020). Atna Journal of Tourism Studies, 16(1).