Post-Pandemic Travel : Decoding the Trends and Challenges for Indian Travellers


  • Sneha N



Decision making, Indian Travellers, Covid-19, Tourism, Corona, Pandemic


The Indian tourism industry has reached a great scale over the years. With the over-increasing internet penetration, more travellers are booking online travel in India. However, the world and in particular the tourism industry has seen an unprecedented shutdown due to Covid-19 affecting 2020 due to the absence of a universal vaccination at the moment. It is important to understand the current scenario of Indian travel patterns prior to the impact of Corona Virus and the factors which will be influencing the decision-making process of Indian Travellers in the future. Hence, this paper attempts to study and decode the decision-making process of Indian Travellers through extensive review of contemporary academic literature on post-pandemic tourism emerging with COVID-19 crisis. This study area is important because it addresses a pressing problem of comprehending the post pandemic travel and the research outcome suggests practical solutions to overcome the critical barriers arising out of Covid-19 for Indian Travellers and learn to practice a new way of travelling in the future.

Author Biography

Sneha N

H.O.D & Assistant Professor, Department of Travel & Tourism, Mount Carmel College Autonomous Bengaluru, India


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