Performance Evaluation of Tourism and Hospitality Companies in the Indian Stock Market; A Post-Covid-19 perspective


  • Sibi P.S. Associate Professor, Department of Tourism Studies, Pondicherry University -India
  • Mohammed Asif Ali Junior Research Fellow, Department of Tourism Studies, Pondicherry University



Performance Evaluation, Tourism Companies, Hospitality, Post Covid-19, Stock market


The Covid-19 pandemic affected the tourism industry’s supply chain and reflected its performance and financial market. This paper aims to evaluate the performance of selected tourism-related companies listed in the Indian stock market. This study evaluates the performance of companies share prices and their business performance in post covid perspective. No studies have been conducted before on the performance evaluation of tourism-related companies listed in the Indian Stock Market from a post covid perspective. Fundamental data analysis for the reports from 2018 to 2022 and the share price charts from 2019 to 2022 was undertaken by twenty-five companies in four categorised sectors: Travel Agencies, hotels and resorts, Airlines, and Amusement parks. This study unveils that companies are underperforming in post covid and at the same time, they performed well in the share market after a negative correction due to covid-19. Airline companies are the most affected and least performed in the stock market by their share price growth. The study result helps investors and people interested in the share market assess the influence of a pandemic situation and to help in decision-making related to investment in the tourism and hospitality industry.


Author Biography

Sibi P.S., Associate Professor, Department of Tourism Studies, Pondicherry University -India




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Sibi P.S., & Mohammed Asif Ali. (2023). Performance Evaluation of Tourism and Hospitality Companies in the Indian Stock Market; A Post-Covid-19 perspective. Atna Journal of Tourism Studies, 18(1), 103-137.