Kerr Black Holes and Jets


  • Arun Kenath Christ University, Bangalore
  • Samartha C. A. Christ University, Bangalore
  • K. A. Chrandrashekaran Christ University, Bangalore



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under the guidance of Prof. C Sivarorn, We are very thankful to
Prof. C. for his guidance out and
hoi. K. A Q•androshekor, H. O O, PG Dept Physics. Christ
for and encouragement.
Black holes
A is a of pace-time that rTWSS
in it that there is no way for a nearby object iO escape its gravitational pun. Since
Our best thory of gravity Of the moment is Einstein' s general theory oi relativity, we
have delve into some results Of this theory to understand black holes in
The basic associated With 0 block hole is its Schwarzschild radius.