Possible Alternate Scenario for Short Duration GRBs Invoking Dark Matter Objects


  • Arun Kenath CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru
  • C. Sivaram Indian Institute of Astrophysics




short duration GRB, baryon load problem, dark matter objects, sub-stellar mass black holes


In recent works we had discussed the possibility of primordial planets composed entirely of dark matter (DM), and considered this to be a possible reason for not detecting DM particles in the various ongoing experiments. It has been suggested that such primordial DM objects could have formed in the early universe. Here we look at these DM objects as possible candidates for short duration gamma ray bursts. This model has the advantage of eliminating the as yet unresolved baryon load problem in the usual scenario. These could also provide a possible mechanism for the formation of sub-stellar black holes, distinct from the usual Hawking (primordial) black holes.


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