AIDS Incubation Period: A Statistical Review


  • Sahana Prasad Christ University
  • Nagaraja Rao C. Vijaya College, Bangalore
  • T. Srivenkataramana SIET Institute of Management, Bangalore



AIDS, Incubation period, Back Calculation, HIV, Transmission


One of the major concerns of healthcare in the world today is HIV/AIDS.The health and socioeconomic consequences of a rapid spread of AIDS are very serious.Thus we need accurate forecasts of the future course of the epidemic.The special feature of AIDS is its long incubation period,whose distribution is difficult to estimate partly due to its length and partly due to its nature of the infected cohorts being followed or identified.This article mainly discusses the features of AIDS incubation period and reviews statistical analysis of a few models developed for the estimation of the incubation period.One of the i9mportant methods of projection namely,Back Calculation method is also discussed.