Upcoming Issue Theme [July – September 2023]: Digitalization Impacting Marketing Strategies and Practices


This special issue's topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Revolution of digital marketing and its practices;
  • The impact of user-generated content in digital marketing;
  • Consumers as co-creators of content, influencer, and selfie-marketing;
  • Digitalization improving consumer experience and customer relationship management;
  • Digital transformation changing marketing communications: search engine marketing and search engine optimization, display advertising, programmatic advertising;
  • Marketing- and advertising-technology, and new technologies in marketing;
  • Social media marketing: social media optimization, CRM via social media;
  • Search engine advertising: search engine optimization, cross-media optimization,

competition in search advertising;

  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning in marketing;
  • Personalized advertising and marketing practices;
  • Mobile marketing: location-based promotion, impact of mobile technology on retail


  • The strategies and practices of content, influencer, and selfie-marketing in various sectors;
  • The effect of content, influencer, and selfie-marketing in consumer behavior and business activities,
  • The use of the content, influencer, and selfie marketing by organizations to create and capture customer value;
  • Digital marketing, multi-channel, omnichannel, and customer decision making;
  • Comparison of culture in digital marketing consumption;
  • Marketing analytics to explain and predict consumer behavior in the digital age


This special issue welcomes conceptual and empirical papers that address any of these themes, using quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches.


This upcoming issue will bring together theory, practice and applications of Digitalization in marketing strategy development and practices. Researchers are invited to submit original, previously unpublished and complete manuscripts, prepared according to the journal’s guidelines.


Possible topics for this special number include but are not limited to:

- Sustainable Marketing;

- Green Marketing Orientation;

- Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism;

- Smart Digital Marketing with Sustainable Concerns;

- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ;

- Cause‐Related Marketing;

- Luxury, Marketing and Sustainability;

- Geotourism and Geodiversity


For pre-submission queries, prospective contributors are encouraged to contact the corresponding Issue Editor – Dr. Sunanda Vincent Jaiwant. Please contact sunanda.vincent@christuniversity.in and/or journals@christuniversity.in


Journal Link: http://journals.christuniversity.in/index.php/ushus



Submission Deadline: 20th April, 2023

Publication Charges : NIL


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