Prospects of Developing Medical Tourism in India


  • Binoy T A Lecturer in Tourism Administration, Department of Tourism Administration, Kuvempu University, Shanakaraghatta, Shimoga.



Medical tourism is one of the recently developed and rapid growing tourism activities of the World, especially in India. "Medical Tourism can be generally defined as the movement of people for the purpose of getting cost effective personal health care in association with the tourism industry for patients needing surgical health care and other forms of dedicated treatment." Recent days several Indian state governments have realized the potential of medical tourism and have been actively promoting it Visitors, especially from the West and the Middle East find Indian hospitals a very affordable and viable option to grdppling with insurance and National medical systems in their native lands and combine their treatments with a visit to the 'exotic east' with their families.

Quality medical treatment at low cost, coupled with great traveling experience is possibly the perfect way to recover from any medical ailment. An inexpensive vacation package combined with a low cost medical treatment has led to the evolution of a new but rapidly growing industry called medical tourism. This process is being facilitated by M1 the corporate sector concerned in heath care as well as the tourism industry including tour operators, hospital administrators, travel agents, airlines, hotels and government tourism organizations. Medical or health treatment package tourism has become a persistent form of engaging the vacation in a different way by inculcating leisure with treatment and covers a broad range of health, medical and dental services. Medical tourism is organized in such a manner that leisure time inculcate with enjoyment and recreation together with wellness and health care packages in a country other than the place of residence. Health and Medical Tourism is perceived as one of the fastest growing segments in marketing 'Destination India' today. The Ministry of Tourism, airlines, tour operators, insurance companies, tourism sector and healthcare providers can make India as a dream destination for medical Tourism through an orchestrated effort. Government and private organizations that are playing a vital role in the development of tourism in India should orchestrate their developmental efforts to take advantage of the enormous potential of Medical and Dental tourism through ensuring international standard treatment to the patients and envisage a coordinated marketing and promotional strategies enough to overcome the Asian competitors.

Author Biography

Binoy T A, Lecturer in Tourism Administration, Department of Tourism Administration, Kuvempu University, Shanakaraghatta, Shimoga.

Lecturer in Tourism Administration, Department of Tourism Administration