Economic and Environmental Aspects of SustainableTourism Development-A Conceptual Study


  • Nabanita Khuntia
  • Jitendra Mohan Mishra



The term sustainable development is a commonly and widely used term in our contemporary world. The concept has gained popularity because it satisfies the urge of both its environmentalists and the developers. Sustainable tourism is considered as the meeting point of the developers and environmentalists even as both of them are quite skeptic about each other and criticize each other. Tourism which is an economic sector can eradicate  poverty to a great extent. But the overuse of the natural resources for the tourism activities always leads to the negative impact on the environment. So there is an urgent need to maintain the balance between development and environment; otherwise the ever grasping power of tourism and development will demolish the basic structure of the world. The aim of this paper is to study the dialogues of sustainable tourism with reference to environment and economy. The present article is a conceptual discussion of evolution and the issues of sustainable tourism under economy and the environmental heads and concludes that both environment and development have equal importance in the betterment and survival of the human society




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Khuntia, N., & Mishra, J. M. (2014). Economic and Environmental Aspects of SustainableTourism Development-A Conceptual Study. Atna Journal of Tourism Studies, 9(1), 15-28.